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The Bark Deco Dog Show


Art Deco Weekend will be celebrating the role of dogs with its own “Bark Deco Dog Show” held on Sunday 20th January at 1 PM. Dogs featured prominently in Art Deco life. The love of all things streamlined influenced the popularity of certain breeds in the ‘20s and ‘30s with images of greyhounds, borzois and salukis taking pride of place. These breeds were particularly popular in mainstream art and as cultural icons, as well as Scottish terriers who were especially esteemed as jewelry pins, brooches and accessories.

This is a fun dog show full of prizes and ribbons and special treats – anyone with a dog can enter. In addition to seeing some of the finest and most talented dogs in Miami, there will be a mini-show of dogs looking for adoption as well as other guest dogs and their handlers.

I have been running this show, one of the most popular events during Art Deco Weekend since 2014.

You can register on the day, but to be guaranteed entry, we highly recommend that you register online at

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