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My primary goal is to take the mystery out of training and communicating with your dog.  By making you more self-aware of how you are communicating to your pup as well as how to avoid confusing them with your non-verbal actions.


The best way to measure you and your dog’s progress is to ensure they can pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen 10 key tests.  We will get your dog to that level and can arrange for your pup to be tested and earn a ribbon, certificate and AKC recognition!


We use positive reinforcement techniques to teach your dog to understand up to 20 Key Cues helping you communicate, interact and train you pup.

Puppy Play

Here are the specific training services The British Leash provides:


One-on-One (Individual)

Personal private training sessions dedicated to just you and your pup. At your home or mine or on location (park, mall, store etc.) in Miami. (60 – 90 minutes).


One-on-Pack (Semi-Private)

Join with one or two friends (maximum three dogs) for training at an owner’s home or on location.This works well for similarly aged and developed dogs. You organize the pack and we all train together. (60–90 minutes).

Day Train & Evaluation

A super active day for your dog and a great alternative to day care. Your dog gets two full training session in the day as well as a socialization outing to a store, park, or shopping mall. You receive a written evaluation against the “20 Key Cues” as well as the AKC Canine Good Citizen tests. Plus, lots of pics and videos of your pup’s activity during the day. (One day).


Bespoke Board & Train

Put your pup on the fast track to learning and development with a bespoke two-week residential training program. We only take one dog at a time, and we work on a pre-agreed training program and any behavioral development needs. You receive daily pictures and videos of progress as well as instructional videos of your pup achieving the “20 Key Cues”. Your pup receives multiple daily training sessions, regular socialization outings and lives in our home as part of our family. (Total 14 days and nights).

Thank you! Oliver is now such a fun and happy puppy.

Bespoke Board & Train Weeknights Only

Your pup may be suitable for the weeknight only version of the B&T program. We pick your pup up Monday morning, train all week, then drop them off on Friday night to stay with you for the weekend. (Total 10 days and 8 nights).


AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing

As an approved evaluator for the AKC Good Canine Citizen tests I can administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program, CGC, AKC Community Canine (the advanced level of CGC), Urban CGC, Video Home Manners and Trick Dog tests.


Video Online Consultations

Don’t live in Miami or not in my catchment area?I also host 60-minute online consultations and training with you and your pup online. Prior successful sessions have been held with clients from California, Colorado, New York , Massachusetts and even further afield in England, France, Hungary and Mexico.

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