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Puppy Play

Getting you ready for… "Puppy Times"


Your first year with your puppy is critical in its development in obedience and avoiding unwanted behaviors. This is why I have developed seven specific “Puppy Times” to get you and your pup off on the right paw.


Puppy Times covers:


  • Social time

  • First steps in obedience training

  • House training your pup

  • Crate training (optional)

  • Chew Time - nipping destructive behavior in the bud

  • Touch time (handling your pup)

  • Alone time (dealing with separation anxiety)


Signing up for the Puppy Times means, in addition to your Puppy training program, you have me on call for 2 months to help you with any questions and additional coaching requirements.

Applying the ‘DOGma’


Knowing how to utilize just 10 key directions and by using the “DOGma’ approach will prepare you and your dog for almost all situations. It sounds straightforward enough…because it is!


My primary goal is to take the mystery out of training and communicating with your dog.  You will become more self-aware of what and how you are communicating to your dog; as well as avoiding confusing her with tone and non-verbal actions

Individual or Group Training


Individual training is usually the way to see the fastest development for you and your dog.   However,  you may have some friends with dogs who would all like to train as a small group together.  This is a cost-effective approach as well as a great socializing opportunity for the dogs and humans!  As long as the dogs get along with one another and you can figure out a regular time to meet I am happy to work with an extended pack!


How it works


First I complete a full evaluation of you and your dog’s training and learning needs.  I can then create a bespoke program focusing on the key behaviors you need to achieve so that your dog can happily fit in with your life.  


A dog in your home means you have created a pack. So it is important to educate everyone in that pack – you would be amazed at how many different ways household members ask a dog to respond to commands. 


I will work with you and your dog both individually and as a pack; training you in how best to get the required behavioral response from your dog and working with your whole family – anyone in your pack who will connect with your dog needs at least some level of coaching.

"Great energy and attitude"

"Really made you think in a different manner"

"It provided me with new skills and tools"

Our Dog (and Human) Training Programs


Introduction to The DOGma


By the end of this hour, you will have a full evaluation, and your dog will be able to respond to a number of simple obedience commands.


Price per hour / available on request


The DOGma (6 hours)


By the end of this program, you and your pack will be able to understand and apply the DOGma principles when working with your dog. You will understand the full DOGma Top 10 commands and your dog will have an ability and understanding of each command.


Price per 6 hour program across 3 – 4 sessions / available on request


Puppy Times (min 6 hours)


By the end of this program, you and your pack will be able to understand and apply the Puppy Times principles with your dog. You should be well on your way to ensuring your puppy is developing into a happy, socialized and well-adjusted dog. Caring for any puppy can always be challenging, that’s why I will be on call for any questions or issues that may arise, no matter how big or small. 


Price per 6 hour program across 3 – 4 sessions / available on request


One-on-One/ One-on-Pack


Follow up training (one hour) after completing either The DOGma or Puppy Times. By the end of each of these hour-long sessions, your dog should be able to respond to a number of simple but important commands.


Price per hour / available on request


Puppy Camp (3 days residential)


On a case by case basis we offer Puppy Camp where your pup lives with us for three days and nights and receives dedicated attention 24/7.  No other dog is boarded at this time and your puppy will receive min. 18 hours training and activity across the 3 days.  Full report with videos are provided at the end of the training with bespoke follow up training regimen.  This program is good for problem behaviors or the need to fast track certain learning.


Price varies according to needs and available on request (be warned; it’s expensive!)