What We Do

Every responsible dog owner knows that a well-behaved dog who responds to your commands is happier, healthier and safer.


That’s why many first-time dog owners throw themselves into the process of training their dogs, either via group classes, working with individual trainers or sending them to training school.


While hiring experienced professionals to successfully train and work with your dog is definitely a good idea, the real issue arises when your best furry friend returns home to their pack i. e. your family.


You may be left confident that your dog can now sit, stay, come or lay down (after all, you saw it respond to the trainer, right?) yet back home your ‘obedient’ pooch doesn’t respond to you at all!


What are you doing wrong?!! 


When this happens, it can be easy to quickly get discouraged, and after some initial progress, give up; settling on a dog that only half understands you...which leads to its own set of problems.


Maybe this sounds like you?

Your dog is listening and watching you!


The problem is, some dog trainers focus on teaching the dog, and forget about the human connection – we need training too! 


The British Leash takes a new, refreshing approach to dog training – by putting as much effort into training you, the human owner, as much as teaching the dog!


Training a dog should be fun, enriching for everyone involved, as well as an excellent opportunity for you to truly bond, and ensure they know and understand their place in your pack. 


Dogs are natural pack animals and want to know where they fit in and how they should behave.  They want to understand what is expected of them. But often owners communicate to their dogs as if they are people, and as much as they are a part of our families; they are still dogs. 


Which means they communicate in completely different and often amazingly clever ways! 


We humans can speak volumes – without saying a single word! – facial expressions, micro-tics, tone, tempo and volume. Your dog spends much of its waking time studying you and is incredibly perceptive to your non-verbal body language as well as your verbal cues.

The British Leash approach


Unfortunately, many ‘behavioral’ issues that develop with dogs – excessive barking, chewing, destructive behavior, fear and anxiety, are all the result of not training a dog properly.


The British Leash uses positive behavior methods to teach your dog and utilizes a mixture of human training techniques including; self-discovery and critique, group exploration and discussion, as well as games-based learning, practical exercises and best practice theory exploration. 


Dogs, like humans, never stop learning. Despite the saying, you CAN teach an old (and young) dog new tricks!


By the end of The British Leash program, you and your dog will be communicating effectively and clearly, for life.

"Creative, dynamic, very interesting"


Understanding The ‘DOGma’


…. a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.


Applying the 4 Cs principles will change the way you and your dog communicate and make training sessions easier, more fun and much more effective.