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Michael's Story

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I was born in the United Kingdom, a nation of tea drinkers and animal lovers, and the place where my love of dogs all started.


My first part-time job involved a 10-mile bike ride every Saturday and Sunday, regardless of the British weather, to work at a kennel.  Since then, I have owned dogs throughout my entire life, but things really stepped up a notch when I made a big career change in my late forties and retired from a successful career in advertising to devote myself to dogs. 


I started raising and training guide dog puppies for South Eastern Guide Dogs and I am proud to say my first trainee guide dog puppy graduated in record time and now lives happily in Kentucky.    I also launched and ran the Bark Deco Dog Show as part of the Art Deco Weekend (run by the Miami Design Preservation League).  


I now regularly volunteer with MagicCityK9 and work with inmates from the Everglades Re Entry and Everglades Correctional Institute to provide the Miami and the South Florida community with trained dogs.   “Rescued from animal rescues in South Florida, all the dogs live with their inmate trainers and handlers inside the prison. There are between 12 and 18 dogs in the program at any given time. The inmates who have been selected by the institution to participate in the program have shown exemplary behavior during their own rehabilitation programs while incarcerated and you have never seen a more dedicated, compassionate, and motivated group of men”. If you are interested in adopting a dog from this program or supporting us please visit


I am a proponent of force free training and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).  I am also an approved evaluator for the American Kennel Club Good Canine Citizen tests, I can administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program, CGC, AKC Community Canine (the advanced level of CGC), Urban CGC, Video Home Manners and Trick Dog tests.


I believe in constant ongoing education and training and have completed the nationally recognized CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Professional Dog Trainers Workshop and mentored with Dee Hoult, the remarkable owner and founder of Applause Your Paws and one of Florida’s best and most recognized professional dog trainers.

Great advice and recommendations that stick with you.

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