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Michael's Story

I was born in the United Kingdom, a nation of tea drinkers and animal lovers, and the place where my love of dogs all started.

The British Leash Jack Russell


"I am so happy"

“I wanted to thank you for the tremendous help with Lilly’s leash walking! I am so happy to say that she is walking so nicely on the leash and rarely pulling or jumping….you were a huge help in training her and in training me!“

Lilly, Golden Retriever

"It's finally clicked"

“Thank you so much for working with me and Arteche last week… it’s finally clicked how I need to communicate with my dog, he understands me and now I can understand him!”

Arteche, Labrador

"Michael, thank you!"

“Michael, thank you!  Oliver is now such a fun and happy puppy.  We were so worried about how he was developing bad habits, particularly with two young children in the house.  We are all applying the techniques we learned from your Dog Dogma.”

Oliver, Labradoodle

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